Saturday, February 25, 2012

Teacup Lamp

Last fall my grandparents were cleaning house and they brought down from the attic boxes and boxes of old serving sets, some hadn't seen the sun in my lifetime.  My wife and I took a cup and saucer from each pattern and made ourselves a nice eclectic tea set.  One of the serving sets was a beautiful pale blue set called Fire King.  A month later I went back for the whole set not knowing exactly what I would do but knowing I didn't want it to end up at a yard sale of at the landfill.  Two months later my grandmother passed away and I had a box of glassware that reminded me of her and a feeling that I needed to make something from them.  I decided on a two-headed touch lamp for our kitchen to fit above our old double-basin sink.  Full disclosure: I am not the first person to make a lampshade from a teacup.

First the raw materials:

2 cups, 2 saucers, 1 small bowl.

2 small chandelier arms courtesy of Ebay.

Isn't that nice?

1/2" and 1" glass and tile bits.

Make sure to drill under water.  Glass dust is nasty.

Drilling glass ain't so bad.

2 of 4 pieces hung up for painting.

The results:

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