Thursday, March 1, 2012

Teacup Nightlight

As many of you may know, last month, I became an uncle for the first time.  My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Mathias Timothy.  While my wife was very busy knitting a blanket for him, I decided I needed to make a gift as well.  My mind went back to an idea I had while making my Teacup Lamp.  I would make him a table top nightlight.  Using one of the remaining teacups from my grandmother would make it a fine memento for my sister.  One day, she could tell little Mathias that it had once belonged to his great grandmother.  This nightlight is activated by touching the silver spoon which, is resting in the saucer.  It's probably become apparent to you that the wonder I felt as a child at the magic of a touch lamp has not diminished with age.  I hope I can pass that wonder along.



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